Earthrune Skarner figure!

Definitely one of my favorite figures to date, the bigger scale is a lot of fun to work with.

That’s really cool



Those moments when you know Riot is just trolling.

Welcome to the League of Laggers.



Those moments when you know Riot is just trolling.

Welcome to the League of Laggers.

Chapter 2 of a Panda Compendium, Caitlyn and Nunu


A. Caitlyn

Caitlyn has the highest base range out of all the AD Curries in the game, excluding Tristana and her passive and Kog’maw’s Arcane Barrage though (keywords being base range) Her raw damage with auto attacks does not scale like a couple of the other late game carries but her passive and range balances it out. She is one of the more underplayed AD Carries in the game (from a high elo perspective) and I am not too sure why. I would think it might be because she is one of the more difficult carries to master and her gameplay may seem like it is slow paced just because of how slow all her spells seem to be.

But combined with any slows such as a Nunu ice blast or red buff she can become a kiting monstrosity that is incredibly fast paced and heavily reliant on a player’s kiting mechanics. Positioning and efficiency with auto attacks / spells are a Caitlyn player’s top priorities.

   Strong Points

  • Her AA range makes her ability to harass in the laning phase strong while giving her a sense of safety in team fights and the late game by giving her a strong ability to kite provided there is some degree of peel
  • She has a high damage spell combo that can put out a good amount of harass or just kill especially when combined with her ultimate
  • Her traps provide brief vision in bushes when set and well placed traps can dictate your opponent’s movements in a lane. When a trap is layered with additional CC like a Taric/Leona stun then her simple trap becomes a deadly snare.
  • To maximize her passive, Caitlyn benefits greatly from shooting in bushes and utilizing fog of war to force the enemy to walk into her traps and slow. Fighting in the Jungle is usually quite advantageous for her.
  • Her ult is great for chunking people if she’s ahead and of course for finishing off stragglers :D

Weak Points

  • Her mobility isn’t top notch and is mostly reliant on auto attacks for optimum damage and for an AD Carry with an escape she is still quite vulnerable to bruisers and assassins.
  • Her lack of damage without some big items like Infinity Edge and Last Whisper can be difficult to deal with if the enemy team’s frontline is farmed or fed.
  • Aside from her range she offers no damage or attack speed steroid like a Vayne or Graves and requires keen positioning. It is important to not let her AA range lull players into a sense of safety.
  • She lacks quick burst like some of the most played AD Carries, her damage is sustained as long as she can AA and I only mention this point as a weakness because it means that her team needs to work well in keeping enemies off of her for a good amount of time if she is to maximize her damage.
  • Her abilities require good timing and some are skill shots and can easily be avoided or nullified with proper avoidance.

The main idea behind Caitlyn is to constantly be AA-ing and moving as much as possible. This is a crucial element when playing any AD Carry but Caitlyn is one of the champions where exceptional orb walking will have amazing results. Her abilities just serve to better her ability to maneuver herself around enemies while killing them. Again, I will say that ORB WALKING is a CRUCIAL skill on Caitlyn and this in conjunction with efficient use of her spells will make strong Caitlyn players shine.

B. Nunu

THE YETI KNOWS THE WAY. Though life as Nunu may seem quite simple the difference between an average Nunu player and a superb one will be noticeable. Things like mana management, minimizing enemy poke, keeping your carry bloodboiled, and knowing when you can take over a lane with proper aggression are just some things that good Nunu players will always keep in mind.

Though he lacks any hard CC he has both mobility and an immense AA steroid, an anti AA steroid/slow, some creep-required sustain, and an intensely powerful (but difficult to pull off) ultimate. He may just seem like a wild yeti running around slowing people and blood boiling carries, but there is a lot more to him than just a one-way snowball fight :D

Strong Points

  • Blood Boil gives amazing mobility to both you and your carry along with one of the best attack speed steroids in the game that is more than cost efficient and constantly renewable providing carries with a potentially perpetual advantage in any kinds of engagements or team fights. This mobility can also be provided to anyone on you team for chasing or escaping!
  • Blood Boil also gives your carry a DISTINCT advantage throughout a game essentially giving a miniature Phantom Dancer. If you and your carry can avoid any poke from the opposing lane and use Blood Boil to kite appropriately, your carry WILL do TONS of damage. Basically if you play it smartly, this single spell will give you lane presence and dominance.
  • His Consume is great just for a little sustain in lane and is great for surviving tower dives AND tower diving, not to mention it is great for Dragon and Baron
  • Ice Blast is one of the best slows in the game (I think the best is probably Nasus’s Wither) and it’s debuff is invaluable when placed on enemies in team fights ESPECIALLY enemies reliant on auto attacks for damage then it works wonders
  • His ultimate is like a toned down version of Zyra’s ultimate providing mild CC (a slow), strong zoning capability and much more damage (ONLY IF USED WELL). Remember that you don’t always have to channel it completely to utilize it effectively!
  • Just to emphasize again, extra movement speed does WONDERS for everyone, especially your teammates

Weak Points

  • While Consume gives some sustain, Nunu is EXTREMELY vulnerable to poke lanes if he gets even a little too careless. Sona with her sustain AND high poke is regarded as one of Nunu’s counters especially before level 6
  • His ultimate is difficult (ESPECIALLY at higher levels of gameplay) to pull off well especially with the amount of CC that any team usually has in solo queue. Not only does it require keen positioning, but it also needs good timing to be useful.
  • While Ice Blast is an amazing slow, it requires that Nunu usually get into harassable range to use meaning he becomes susceptible to poke which is EXACTLY what Nunu wants to avoid during the laning phase, let alone in mid game and late game where he might get horrendously caught.
  • His only form of CC being a slow is uncommon among nearly all supports since nearly every other support has a form of hard CC (Lulu’s polymorph and Taric’s stun to name a couple) With that being said it can prove rather difficult at times for a Nunu to peel for his carry especially from AP assassins like Ahri or Akali where slows only hinder them slightly.

Nunu’s main goals throughout a game are to keep his carry nice and pumped, Ice Blast targets for kiting and chasing purposes( BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF HIS OWN POSITIONING!!!), and knowing WHEN and HOW to use your ultimate to best utilize its potential.

What separates the average Nunu from the exceptional Nunu is knowing when you should be playing passively and when you should be playing aggressive. Good Nunu’s will always know when to turn up the heat when the situation calls and they will also know when to wait and bide their time for the right moment. Many players do not like passivity but there are times when for Nunu when it is a necessity lest you lose any chance of gaining an advantage.

C. Now to combine them into a … Canu…?

            I. Laning Phase


  • Nunu provides Caitlyn with everything she wants to optimize DPS. Caitlyn thrives off mobility and auto attacks and Nunu gives her exactly that, not to mention a chasing ability to boot
  • Slowed enemies also mean it is easier for Caitlyn to hit her skill shots! (a nice plus!)
  • It is incredibly hard to engage on a Nunu/Caitlyn lane with their immense kiting power which only increases as the game goes on simply because of the increasing power of Blood Boil and the presence of Nunu’s ultimate providing a deterrent for anyone who wants to get to Caitlyn
  • The zoning potential that both Caitlyn traps and Nunu’s ultimate gives can be deadly if synced together


  • Lack of sustain becomes very noticeable especially against players who are keenly aware of this weakness and try to exploit it incessantly
  • Aside from slows and some zoning, Nunu can offer Caitlyn little protection against hard engages and heavy crowd control (Amumu’s ultimate, Jarvan’s ultimate, etc.)
  • If the combo is picked early in champ select, it is VERY susceptible to being counter picked against any opposing lane that has heavy poke like Sona or Lulu.
  • Positioning is KEY for BOTH champions in the laning phase and if one or the other becomes careless for a second then your laning effectiveness can easily be lost.

II. Team Fights and What You Should be Doing!

  • KITE, AUTO, KITE, AUTO + CHASE CHASE CHASE / RUN RUN RUN are going to be the majority of the actions of Caitlyn and Nunu respectively throughout a game
  • As Nunu, you should only worry about peeling when necessary…
  1. Against tanks like Amumu or Malphite, you cannot do much about their ultimates but you CAN help Caitlyn escape by slowing them and giving her mobility.
  2. If you are fighting against a kiting composition, you would want to distinguish when to run and when to chase and Ice Blast so your team can catch the whipper snappers.
  3. And of course with assassins again you just want to help Caitlyn kite as much as possible and hope she doesn’t screw up her positioning
  • ALWAYS look for an opening to use your ultimate as Nunu because a fully channeled Nunu ultimate is nothing to scoff at. Nunu should be using his ultimate to either provide a great AoE slow for the enemy to trek through, or to herd the enemy team into a certain area so your team can fight on your terms
  • You can either use Nunu’s ultimate after CC has been exhausted or to force CC to be used on you. Be careful to avoid AoE interrupts as Nunu. Be aware of what CC has been used
  • As much as you should be auto attacking and moving around as Caitlyn, also try to understand when it is best to use your spells. Well placed traps and nets in team fights can do wonders mixed in with auto attacks. Her Q is used more often for poking and finishing and during mid and late game is much more efficient to use AAs rather than Q when fighting in the heat of battle
  • Caitlyn’s ultimate, as awesome as it is for finishing off the runners, should not be underestimated for its high poke potential

Canu is a pretty devastating combo. If both players mechanics are strong and their understanding of game knowledge is clear, then they will know when to strike and snowball their lane and their team to a clear cut victory!


Two of the best korean supports in one lane together

There are so many things to note in this video haha, watch for a good play :)

A Tip for Common Courtesy, Mostly


 When you die in solo queue, I would say roughly 70%~ of the time it is YOUR FAULT. There is almost ALWAYS some kind of foresight or awareness you could have had to avoid dying. So before you play the blame game, ALWAYS try to examine what YOU could have done better as a player. Not only will this improve your gameplay and game knowledge but it will probably improve the flow between you and your team instead of creating a toxic environment :)




Why is Map Awareness so Important?


In every RTS game ever made from Warcraft I to Starcraft II having map awareness has been a crucial fundamental in strong gameplay.

  What exactly does it bring to the table though?

   In single player RTS games like Starcraft 2, having constant map awareness gives strong insight to what the enemy may be strategizing by knowing what he or she is building or where enemy units may be. League is pretty similar in the stratagem regard. Having a high level of map awareness in league will allow you to have a pretty good “spidey” sense in terms of map objectives, incoming ganks, and potential ambushes both defensively AND offensively.

   For just a basic example. Say you’re blue side bottom lane and the minion waves are pushed equally so that both sides of bottom lane are hanging around river with neither lane being pushed. You notice that your mid laner is losing his lane, the enemy mid laner is MIA, and dragon is warded but your tri bush is NOT. What you SHOULD be expecting is that the enemy mid laner is coming for you through your own jungle!


  As a bottom laner, a winning enemy mid laner is one of your biggest threats in terms of gank potential so you should ALWAYS be wary of where he or she might be. If you get killed dont blame your mid for not calling MIA or what not, but instead try to improve your own map awareness so such warnings are not required. Simple steps like this WILL make you a better player! 

  Map awareness goes a LONG way and this basic example is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what it can provide for you and your team. This is probably going to the first of a few posts I will make on map awareness. But the main idea of this post is that with high map awareness comes gank prevention (and possible baiting!) :D


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Small Tip for Item Builds!


 One of the newest items, Runic Bulwark is quite terrifying. If built on at least two people, then any magic damage on the enemy team will be reduced SIGNIFICANTLY with the amount of magic resistance and health it gives. If built on both a top laner and a jungler then the enemy AP Carry will have a very rough time doing any kind of damage to the tank line.



The Blame Game and Roles

    Another sad recurrence I have observed in this game at almost any level of gameplay from players is the verbal abuse of other players specifically aimed towards at the performance in their roles. Such as a top or mid consistently blaming the jungler for their own deaths, a jungler blaming mid or bottom lane for not coming to their aid in the enemy jungle, or an AD carry blaming a support for getting them killed. 


   As someone that has had a fair amount of ranked experience at high AND low levels of gameplay (I dont excel at all of them mind you), I believe it is very important to at least experience each lane and each role to have a better understanding of what is possible and what isn’t for each player playing their respective positions.


     A top laner is getting consistently ganked top not because he isn’t warding, but just because he’s getting outplayed and he complains and bitches at his team’s jungler for not helping top more. All the while, the jungler has been helping mid and bottom and has gotten a dragon already for his team. More often than naught this top laner will proceed to rage indefinitely coordinating poorly with his team and can even throw the game if it is bad enough. This top laner should instead just be focusing on staying in the game and think positively in the fact that the jungler cannot be everywhere at once and where he HAS been he has had a positive influence on because come late game, the jungler’s work will have paid off for his team in the long run!

   Im going to briefly go through each role and try to highlight certain qualities that are necessary for each throughout the game


- Ganking / Counter-Ganking

- needs very high map awareness to play well especially being able to estimate where the enemy jungler is in order to possibly control map objectives and jungle buffs.

being able to smite map dragon/baron/buffs cleanly (if you want to master the jungle, make sure you master this!!!)

- in my opinion this is probably one of the hardest roles to play in the game overall so you should probably shut your trap if you’re bitching about the jungler and have never tried jungling :)

- role in team fights depends on the champion’s possible roles, but most seem to lean towards high CC and disruption so the team can kill the enemy ad carries


 - farming well because an AP carry’s strength is most noticeable in early and mid game during the laning / roaming phases

 - also needs good map awareness especially for the sake of jungler, in case the enemy mid and enemy jungler are about to ambush his jungler!

 - roaming roaming roaming or pushing farming pushing or following following following are literally the only 3 actions an AP mid should be doing; if your lane is pushed you can roam, if the enemy mid is roaming you can either follow him or her or push depending on the other lane situations, and if you know he or she is at base then push and farm to your heart’s content unless you are afraid of getting ganked

 - in team fights, most AP carries want to target the squishiest target possible considering how at the time when most heavy team fights happen, tanks will have built some form of MR highly mitigating the AP carry’s damage so ideally use your abilities on something that you will either straight out kill or do enough damage so the rest of your team (usually your AD carry/bruisers) can mop up



   - top is one of the most mechanical lanes and usually sees a lot of 1v1 action so it is very important to be wary of what champion you’re going to play and what counters it, the more aware you are of the your champion top lane and the enemy champion the more successful you will be at a 1v1 duel

  - in team fights, top laners usually assume the role of initiator or are right alongside the tank when the tank is initiating; it is also important to protect your carries and peel if your carries are the type that either require sacrificed positioning to deal their damage or if the player himself/herself is just not good at positioning (remember that AD carries are built purposefully for late game, and if they are farmed and are free to auto attack then their damage is extremely noticeable and efficient)



   - support is probably one of the most underestimated and looked down upon roles in the game because of its seeming simplicity; i would like to dispel those rumors because it is much more difficult than it looks especially at higher levels of gameplay

   - get your AD carry well farmed, whether it means keeping the carry alive or playing aggressive and grabbing kills or to prepare for dragon

   - to truly master support, it is important to also understand the mindset of other roles; if you are able to identify when the enemy is at a disadvantage that even they are not aware of you can easily exploit it

  - itemization is also very important on any kind of support champion (this actually includes many junglers also by the way), you want to build to support your team whether it is a simple aegis for everyone’s benefit, a shurelia’s for escape/initiation, a zeke’s for your AD heavy team, or even a WOTA if your team is AP heavy (Kennen, Vlad, etc.)

   - also in the bottom lane match up, having a good support can make all the difference in the world especially in 2v2 exchanges, or even when the enemy jungler is ganking; a good support will get the carry away safely and maybe even himself or herself or heck you might even get a kill in a 2v3 situation

  AD Carry:


   - being able to identify when it is advantageous or appropriate to engage in fights with the enemy laners aka when their summoners/abilities are on cooldown and also be aware of what your support has available because that too is vital

   - being able to harass CLEANLY is very key because it WILL affect your farm

  - when team fights break out, POSITIONING IS MOST IMPORTANT FOR AN AD CARRY YOU DO NOT WANT TO STAND NEXT TO YOUR TANK/BRUISERS BECAUSE IT PROBABLY MEANS YOU WILL TAKE LOADS OF UNECESSARY DAMAGE; you want to position yourself so you do damage but at the same time you do not sacrifice your footing (although if you coordinate well enough and use your abilities appropriately you can get in and out while at the same time pulling off clean kills) but the general rule of thumb is to HAVE GOOD POSITIONING



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1st Kings of Europe, frantically loved by the fans and really skilled - that’s CLG.EU, the european Counter Logic Gaming Team. Meet Froggen, the pixel-Anivia-player and highly talented AP burst. Then Wickd, crocodile-fighting blocky top-laner, as well as supportive pixel-jungler Snoopeh. And to complete their 8-bit-party there’s bot lane carry, AD-King Yellowpete and his supportive blocky comrade Krepo.Cheering for europeans Top Five? Grab yourself the iPhone-case, stickers or a t-shirt!
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It’s Pixel-Tournament-Time again: This time with europeans favourite players from CLG! Interroblr and two anonymous minions voted for those tournament-gamers!

1st Kings of Europe, frantically loved by the fans and really skilled - that’s CLG.EU, the european Counter Logic Gaming Team. Meet Froggen, the pixel-Anivia-player and highly talented AP burst. Then Wickd, crocodile-fighting blocky top-laner, as well as supportive pixel-jungler Snoopeh. And to complete their 8-bit-party there’s bot lane carry, AD-King Yellowpete and his supportive blocky comrade Krepo.

Cheering for europeans Top Five? Grab yourself the iPhone-case, stickers or a t-shirt!

And don’t forget - you can still vote for the upcoming teams! Just send an ask and tell me: Which team should be derezzed next? Most votes win!


So our club is pretty legit on campus now, we were able to get Riot merchandise, LIKE EVERYTHING SEEN HERE, not to mention 50 free tickets for each day for the playoffs. WILL BE A FUN WEEKEND 


So our club is pretty legit on campus now, we were able to get Riot merchandise, LIKE EVERYTHING SEEN HERE, not to mention 50 free tickets for each day for the playoffs. WILL BE A FUN WEEKEND 

A couple years ago Riot was just starting out on its own and the LoL player base was slowly falling in love with them. Riot would take them out on dates, treat them to movies, even cuddle. After awhile LoL players decided it might be time to move in with Riot, and Riot agreed wholeheartedly.

One year later, the LoL player base started to feel at home. They had moved all their stuff into Riot’s place and they were starting to suggest changes. “Hey maybe you should change the curtains. Don’t you think this place is too dark? Let’s get rid of this xbox and ps3, it’s taking up room for my cat. Also I don’t like you playing so many video games.”
Three years later, things have changed. The LoL player base has taken over. The smallest little annoyances that were once overlooked, are now hounded to the point of exhaustion. “WHY THE HELL AM I ALWAYS TAKING OUT THE GARBAGE!??! MY CAT NEEDS MORE SPACE!!!! STOP ASKING QUESTIONS, EAT THIS POOP TO SEE HOW IT TASTES”

Eventually Riot got tired of the bossiness and the disrespect and the unappreciation. Riot didn’t break up with the LoL player base, but Riot continued halfheartedly. The magic was gone. Complaining about petty things like the client being subpar didn’t even bother Riot anymore. Whatever would keep the yelling down seemed like the best idea. The days grew dreary and cold as Riot worked hard just to keep things from breaking apart. But in Riot’s heart, it knew, this is not what it wanted, not at all.

Eehreum (some random dude on reddit)